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Treating A Dry Scalp Naturally

Everyone likes to look and feel good, but having a dry itchy scalp makes this feel almost impossible. There are many causes of a dry itchy scalp from dermatitis to scalp sensitivity to a certain hair care product that can be full of chemicals. Luckily if your preference is to treat a dry itchy scalp naturally there are some amazing natural remedies that will provide that vital cure.


Step one: Understand what is causing a dry itchy scalp. There are many reasons you could be suffering with a dry itchy scalp that includes lifestyle imbalance to sensitivity to a hair product you may be using. Coloring your hair, for example, can also cause a dry scalp because of the chemicals they contain. There is lots of advice stating hair and scalp care products should be as natural as possible, especially if you have a dry itchy scalp.

Step two: There is no need to over spend on some common hair care products for a dry itchy scalp problem that may mask the problem but not cure it. Mixing lavender oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil using a base oil like olive oil will leave your dry itchy scalp feeling nourished and refreshed. There are also some great natural remedies available already mixed for quickly combats a dry itchy scalp. The beauty of natural remedies is they don’t cost the earth and they can also be used for itchy bites, burns, stress relief – the list is endless.

Step three: Becoming your own natural remedy therapist at home is incredibly rewarding. Having a dry itchy scalp is just one way where due to life’s everyday pressures our body can become unbalanced. If we are worried and not getting enough sleep people suffer with all sorts of problems. Dry itchy scalp or eczema could be down to lifestyle. Becoming your own therapist and doing a small self-assessment will help you discover and cure your dry scalp problem. From there you will be well on your way to finding that perfect natural treatment for dry itchy scalp.

Step four: Find out the reasons why natural oils instantly cure and soothe an itchy scalp.

Natural remedies have anti bacterial and anti fungal powers that soothe and cure at the same time. Rosemary oil has a long list of beneficial properties and when you are suffering with an imbalance of oils on your itchy scalp rosemary oil is restorative and purifying. Tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and cleansing oil on the skin. Its properties include anti-inflammatory and antibiotic and it has a warm fresh clear aroma. Tea tree oil is so popular because it has so many benefits – one of them to help soothe a dry itchy scalp

Step five: Natural oils have more than one use. Rosemary oil is particularly great as an excellent insect repellant, where you can dab a bit on or use it in a burner in any room of the house to repel those little nasties. If you suffer with a sting or bite then lavender oil can be applied directly to the sting and quickly brings relief from itching.

Step six: Massaging the natural oils into a dry itchy scalp gently ensures the oil is absorbed into the skin. Massage should feel soothing and relaxing and is a wonderful way to treat yourself.

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