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Psoriasis Scalp Natural Remedies Straight From The Kitchen

Scalp psoriasis is huge pain for anyone who has ever suffered with the red patches of skin. It can be itchy and unsightly. Doctor’s visits and medications can get expensive. If you have been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis you can find some natural home remedies right in your kitchen. They are cheap, easy, and most people won’t even have to leave the house to get things.

Scalp Psoriasis Remedies

Apple cider vinegar has a history of being used to help ease burns and calm skin inflammations. The liquid form can be used to dip in infected fingernails or toenails. The vinegar can also be applied directly to plaques (the red, patchy areas) using a cloth or cotton swabs. A proper mixture of apple cider vinegar is one cup vinegar to one gallon of water.

Another psoriasis scalp natural treatment option is using plastic wrap when applying a home psoriasis scalp natural remedy.

Plastic wrap works well to cover up and heal the lesions left by scalp psoriasis. Covering up open sores can keep medication in place but also keeps moisturizers working longer. Simply add the medication or lotion, then loosely wrap normal plastic wrap around the wound. Leave the wrap on long enough to absorb the medication or lotion, but not so long the skin gets pruny or soggy. Normally an hour or so is long enough

Oils can be great for the skin and as a psoriasis scalp natural treatment. Try warming up some olive oil and massaging it into the scalp, if that is the type of scalp psoriasis you have, leave it in for a minute or so and then shampoo as usual. The olive oil will help remove the extra flaky skin. Mineral Oil works to help soothe damage to the skin. You can add it directly or mix it into a bath, allowing it to soak into the skin. Olive oil and normal, everyday vegetable oil can be added to the bath as well to soak the skin. Speaking of baths, adding in some Epsom salts can help heal wounds faster and keep swelling at bay.

Baking soda can help relive itching. You can easily make a mixture to place on the itchy spots by mixing 1 ½ cups of baking soda with 3 gallons of water. Dip in a washcloth and place on the itchy areas.

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