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Lumps on Scalp

What Are Lumps on Scalp?

You reach up to scratch your head without really thinking about it, and your eyes widen as your fingertips find… Lumps! Lumps on Scalp! Tentatively, you start to feel of your head, which still itches, but your desire to scratch is long gone. All you want to know is what in the world these lumps are doing on your poor scalp!

You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t help yourself. Your fingernail slides under the edge of one of the lumps. You pry up one side slowly, then the other side, and then, suddenly, you have picked the lump loose. You’re almost afraid to look at this… thing you plucked out of your hair.

But you do. You can’t believe what you see. “That came off of my head?” you think wildly, holding the object in the palm of your hand. The “object” is a dime-sized yellowish scab. You stare at it for a moment, nonplussed. Then, a horrible thought occurs to you. “I wonder if there are any more of these things on my scalp?” You feel your head again, and sure enough, you have several more lumps on scalp. “What ARE these things?” you say out loud.

What they sound like is an outbreak of scalp dermatitis. If you have ever had dermatitis anywhere else on your skin, then you know the routine. Dermatitis will weep fluid, sometimes copiously. This fluid will dry, and when it does, it becomes those lumps on scalp that can really surprise you when you discover them.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of lumps on scalp from scalp dermatitis that you might see?

  • Patches of thick crust – lumps on scalp
  • Smaller yellow or white scales that sometimes will attach themselves to the hair shaft
  • A red, shiny, greasy scalp that is covered with small flaky yellow or white scale
  • Small, red/brown bumps on the scalp
  • Scalp itch and scalp soreness, sometimes painful to the touch and inflamed
  • Dandruff and/or skin flakes

Scalp dermatitis isn’t classified as an infectious disease, but those lumps on scalp can certainly get infected. Scalp dermatitis can definitely cause hair loss as well. No one should have to suffer with scalp dermatitis. Luckily, there are ways to treat lumps on scalp without resorting to those smelly prescription shampoos full of coal tar. The ingredients for these treatments are as close as your kitchen and bathroom!

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What you need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide (not the peroxide that lightens hair – the cheap peroxide that’s used to clean cuts and such.)
  • Water

Take one part apple cider vinegar, and one part hydrogen peroxide. Mix with 10 parts water. Apply all over the scalp, and massage it in a little, just as if you were washing your hair. Wait for 5 minutes, then rinse it out. You don’t need to mix up a huge amount of this – just enough to wet your scalp with. Once it is completely rinsed out, rub tea tree oil on the entire scalp, and leave on overnight. ONE application of this usually will be enough. If you have any dandruff along with lumps on scalp, it will disappear in two or three days

If by chance your scalp dermatitis should show itself again in a few months, just repeat the apple cider vinegar/hydrogen peroxide/water “shampoo” once.

You can also use pure tea tree oil only to rid yourself of scalp dermatitis. Apply it generously at night, leave on overnight, and do this for three days straight.

Aloe Vera oil is very healing, and when mixed in with the tea tree oil, very effective in improving scalp dermatitis in a very short time.

You can also use this recipe:

SOOTHING & HEALING ANTIFLAMMATORY REMEDY: Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Neem oil (antifungal & antiitching) 1 teaspoon Teatree or Manuka (also antifungal) which much stronger than teatree, one teaspoon of Rosemary oil and one teaspoon of Lavender oil together in 3 tablespoons of carrier oils such as Olive or Almond oil (Wheatgerm and Macadamia carrier oils closely match your natural sebum) and apply to your scalp daily.

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