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How to Moisturize a Dry Itchy Scalp at Home

Nature is an amazing thing. You only have to look at the beauty of a monarch butterfly to wonder how a small caterpillar can turn into such a beautiful creature. Using natural remedies to moisturize a dry itchy scalp is another example of how wonderfully the magic of nature works.

Being able to apply natural remedies at home is a real joy and incredibly uplifting. When we can compare with the option of moisturizing a dry itchy scalp at home or elsewhere I am sure self healing at home is a far more relaxing option. How many times do we miss appointments because we simply run out of time?

If you can find a natural treatment to cure your itchy scalp at home finding time is no longer a problem. Being able to keep your own stock of home remedies is not only economic it is empowering! A bit like making your own jams, every time you go to use something you have created yourself the sense of well being increases.

What is incredibly reassuring when looking at natural home remedies for dry itchy scalp and other skin conditions is the fact that for thousands of years cultures all over the world have used this system of traditional medicine. Understanding what each plant does and what each part of the plant does has meant these early physicians were able to treat people using nature’s gifts.

One incredible story about how aromatherapy is how Rene Gattefosse, a French chemist, was working in a perfume laboratory. After having an accident in the factory he plunged his burnt hand into the nearest bowl of liquid, which was lavender oil. On noticing how quickly his hand healed and with little scarring he went on to research the healing properties of this amazing oil. His mistake has lead to others using lavender oil for a dry itchy scalp today because of its great healing properties.

Discovering what works to moisturize a dry itchy scalp at home is a real adventure. Take a look at these natural oils to understand a bit more why they are so good for your scalp condition;

As mentioned earlier lavender oil has amazing healing properties for a dry itchy scalp as well as other skin conditions. Lavender oil is a natural antiseptic which can help relieve and promote cell growth. It can be used to help heal burns including sun burn

  • Tea tree oil is wonderful for dry itchy scalp and the Aborigines of Australia discovered its healing properties. They traditionally used tea tree oil to treat wounds understanding its cleansing and antiseptic powers. During World War 2 soldiers would carry it in their first aid kits in tropical areas and some munitions factories had it on hand to treat skin injuries
  • Carrier oils are base oils, and are an important part of applying natural remedies. Their job is to dilute more powerful oils that can’t be applied directly to the skin so need mixing or blending with these carrier oils. Avocado oil is a great carrier oil for a dry itchy scalp remedy because it is so good for skin problems, rich in vitamins A, Be and D
  • Sandalwood oil can help with a dry itchy scalp and can help with dandruff, as well as provide relief for a sore throat if rubbed neat onto the lymph glands under the chin. Sandalwood oil has a anti-inflammatory effect which relieves dry skin, eczema, boils and acne
  • Rosemary oil has many uses and of course one of them is to help get rid of dandruff, but it can also help clear headaches and is good for respiratory and chest infections

As you can see all of these oils not only help moisturize a dry itchy scalp they have other healing properties so they are the ultimate medicines to keep in your cupboard for home use. It can be a bit overwhelming to work out what goes with what so another great option is to buy ready made home remedies that are blended correctly. But if you have the time to do it yourself then go ahead, it is great fun!

Mia Wadsworth, creator of www.dryitchyscalpremedies.com, offers a library of useful information to help you learn how to moisturize a dry itchy scalp at home. Armed with all the information you need and then some you can adapt a step-by-step approach to learning how to create great natural home remedies for dry itchy scalp and a whole list of other daily health problems. Using traditional natural remedies that can help restore balance and health is easy and will last a lifetime.

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