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I do not allow my affiliates to copy our entire full-length sales letter. Why? First the Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies sales letter is copyright protected. Second, making the prospect move from one sales letter to the exact sales letter is not pre-selling and does not make much sense. For these two reasons I have crafted a sample mini sales letter for you to publish on your website.

Note: You can use this sample mini-sales letter as a landing page for your Pay Per Click campaigns. A powerful little trick I have learned is to create a different landing page for each pay per click campaign by altering the title a bit according to the keywords you use to in your campaigns. This will make the landing page more relevant and dramatically increase conversions.

For example: if you use variations of the phrase: ”dry itchy scalp remedies” use this title on your landing page:

The Amazing dry itchy scalp remedies You've Been Searching For, with 100% Success Rate

If you use variations of the phrase: ”Dry and Itchy Scalp Natural Treatments” use this title on your landing page instead:

Learn How to Get Rid of Your Dry and Itchy Scalp From A Former and Medical Researcher

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Affiliate Manager of Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies™

Mini Sales Letter

Dear Friend,

My name is Eleanor Cruickshank, I had to write to you and thank you for helping me rid myself of a complaint I had been dealing with since the late 80's. "I am 64 years of age and had been living with persistent scalp problems for a very long time. My symptoms included a red itchy rash around my neck/hairline & ears which periodically became worse during certain seasons. "My doctor & dermatologist had prescribed medicated topical creams for this. These offered relief while I was using them but contained cortizones so gradually became ineffective. "It got so bad, my hair was thinning in places so I bought a wig to wear during particularly severe outbreaks. "I had all but given up on finding a solution. "My daughter came across your website and bought your eBook for me. I followed your advice. For the first time in years - relief & results! "Everything went calm with NO SIGN OF ANY RASH OR INFLAMMATION. I had forgotten what it was like for my scalp to feel normal - not to feel irritated. "I have noticed my hair is thickening and I now have the confidence to no longer wear the wig as a result. Thank you for sharing your experience with others like us who need to know there is a solution!

Here Is a Small Sample Of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy Of Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies™ System Today:

  • Find out NOW if you're causing your own embarrassing dry scalp condition.
  • The Remedy Wizard Quickly determine which natural remedies your hair & scalp is begging for by entering your symptoms in to our "Remedy Wizard" calculator.
  • Common hair products you may be using that cause hair loss, eye membrane damage, premature aging and scalp rashes.
  • A photo line-up of scalp conditions so you can more easily spot yours.
  • The brutal truth about most hair dyes... and how to get around it.
  • "10-Days-Or-Less" remedies for curing the most common causes of itchy scalp.
  • The absolute WORST dandruff shampoos for getting rid of dandruff. It'll hurt to read, but you MUST know.
  • How to avoid developing sensitivities to certain hair products that lead to massive irritations.
  • What the medico-pharmaceutical companies have been hiding for years. They DON'T want you to know this about their chemical shampoos.
  • Foods that nourish and foods that dry your skin, scalp and hair.
  • Natural remedies from supplies you can find around your house and in your garden.
  • Powerful secrets for FAST relief from itching, burning and redness of your scalp.
  • The top natural shampoos that have proven themselves over and over again.
  • Easy to find natural oils that restore follicles - encouraging thicker hair and even hair growth.More natural oils that relieve sore painful scalps and treat scalp scales and crust flakes.
  • A 10-minute moisturizing regimen for consistent relief.
  • Give your hair a break Try these natural remedies for dry, over-processed hair that speed up regrowth.
  • A 10-minute anti-itch regimen to stop the frustrating, nearly unbearable desire to itch.
  • Think you have scalp psoriasis, dandruff or eczema? I've got proven natural remedies for you too.
  • Quickly treat scalp sores, bumps & lumps to relieve the irritation. Repeat until your natural remedy cures all.
  • Could your dry scalp be a special, uncommon case? Maybe. And I can help with many uncommon causes of dry scalp as well, such as ringworm and scalp fungus.
  • Easily find a new natural shampoo from our list of 20 natural safe hair care product recommendations. Including shampoos, conditioners & treatments.
  • How to "convert" your shampoo into a powerful anti-dandruff shampoo naturally that works GREAT.
  • Tips and tricks for giving your hair a new start after dry scalp. A new super-moisturized, shiny, bouncy and full-of-body hairdo is days away.
  • Deceiving foods that could be behind your dry scalp.
  • And much, much more...

To learn more about the Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies and to find out how YOU can start re-balancing your body today and start the path to becoming Itchy-Free, visit the Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies Website at: (your affiliate link)