Dry Itchy Scalp, Dandruff And Scalp Psoriasis Remedies FAQ’S.

Q: Do you sell paper copies as well as downloads?
A: Yes you can request a paper copy. Alternatively you can order a paperback copy from Amazon publishers.
Q: If I buy your ebook is there anything else I will need to buy as well- I have already tried so many things and have spent a fortune and nothing worked?
A: I myself spent a small fortune on all kinds of “treatment stuff” before realising it had been a waste and in fact the products I had been using had been making my scalp worse – so the whole reason I wrote my ebook is to give you the power to Eliminate the cause for good and permanently wipe out scalp problems.

About what you will need to spend….In my ebook I do suggest you replace your existing shampoos with certain inexpensive brands of non toxic shampoos (cost far less than salon ones or slightly less than Pantene) that won’t irritate your scalp and help to heal & nourish it also. They will save you money (no huge marketing costs) and contain top quality ingredients. I also mention many remedies from your kitchen and garden (not just the old vinegar ones but little known potent ones). Essential oils are also VERY powerful if you know how to use them which I also cover in detail in the ebook. If you want to use these you can and they are useful for many other things as well as scalp treatments so you can keep on hand (nothing wasted).
Q: If I find that the ebook is not for me, how long will it take to process my refund?
A: If you wish to ask for a refund (and keep all of the Scalp Remedies To Soothe Dry Itchy Scalpes) it will be processed within 24 to 36 hours at our end. From then on it depends on your payment method and how fast your bank processes it (usually a few days) before it will show back in your account.
Q: Do you have any scalp psoriasis or dandruff photos I could look at to find out what my scalp condition looks like?
A: Yes, click here to see Scalp Psoriasis photos and pics of other Scalp Problems
Q: I have tried lots of dandruff shampoos for my itchy scalp but they don’t work, do natural remedies really work – I have heard vinegar is good?
A: Yes there are alot of natural remedies & recipes I offer, have tested and found to be powerfully effective that I disclose in the ebooks I offer. Vinegar is one of the ingredients you can use in combination with some others – but can leave your hair smelling – well vinegary. There are other far more potent alternatives I offer you. It is vitally important also to address other factors – your hair products for example because you will be taking one step forward and one step back if you don’t know what’s causing your itchy scalp in the first place! Then you can make good use of the many beneficial products to stimulate hair growth and fast healing of your scalp!
Q: What are sores on the scalp, do I have an infection of the scalp?
A: Scalp sores can be the symptom of a scalp inflammation triggered by a reaction to ingredients in shampoos. There are other causes as well. There are different types of sores on the scalp, from weepy lesions that ooze to “bumps” that look a bit like hives. These are easily remedied once you know which products to STOP using and also what natural oils, and ingredients soothe and heal them quickly so they do not return.
Q: Can your ebook help me with my scalp psoriasis?
A: Yes, scalp psoriasis is usually an immune system response which is explained in detail in my ebook. Once you understand how you body is trying to protect you….you can take steps to solve this problem permanently without having to fear a relapse. This is covered in depth in “Beautiful Hair and Healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies”.
Q: Does acne cause scalp sores?
A: Acne can effect any area of your body, and can be aggravated by an overloading of product on your skin. It is best to make know what you are dealing with first though. Most scalp issues come back to a simple cause and if you detoxify your hair and scalp, more often than not conditions will disappear on their own (however there are lots of beneficial products you can use to stimulate hair growth and fast healing of your scalp)!
Q: Can scalp conditions be hereditary?
A: That is a subject of some debate in scientific communities, however sensitivities to chemicals can be passed from mother to baby but there is much you can do to prevent your child suffering from the same condition!!
Q: Do you have home remedies for hair loss?
A: Yes I have listed many remedies with ingredients known to stimulate hair growth in “Beautiful Hair & healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies”. It also explains why many of us have thinning hair and you can find out how to prevent and reverse it. (I once had thinning hair myself, and now have masses of it).
Q: Why should I use a natural remedy?
A: With natural remedies you don’t need to suffer the nasty side effects produced commonly by commercial dandruff and itchy dry scalp treatments. With the natural remedies I recommend you will see dramatic improvements direct from the powerful beneficial nutrients that will moisturize and nourish your scalp instead of stripping it of it’s own natural sebum and natural defenses….and its extremely rare to see even mild irritation unlike their commercial counterparts. But heres the secret….its also HOW you use them thats makes them so powerful also to heal and recharge not only your scalp, but hair follicles and skin too!
Q: How long should it take for my itching and dandruff to clear up?
A: You want your itching to stop NOW – so as long as it takes you to go to your kitchen or garden and make a coffee is about how long it can take you to STOP itching using the soothing remedies in the ebook! Many people find their dandruff clears up after 2 to 3 days, others after about a week. Generally though on average, if you use the home remedies I suggest, as well as eliminating the ingredients I mention, the itch will be gone right away (around 10 mins) and the flaking after a day or two. For some people can up to a month for severe rashes such as psoriasis, eczema (seborrheic dermatitis) or scalp sores as it takes time for the open skin to heal. There are natural oils I suggest in the ebook that many clients have said help speed and aid healing immensely plus they relieved the itching immediately.
Q: Can you suggest a treatment for my pet with dog dandruff & eczema?
A: Yes, alot of pet shampoos have high concentrations of SLS’s in them which are highly irritating to both human and animal skins. I suggest you go to: http://www.naturallyngaroma.co.nz for their pet soap (also good for humans with dandruff too).
Q: Are there any people who have had a reaction to natural ingredients?
A: Very rarely there are people who can be slightly reactive to certain essential oils such as thyme, or clove oil (which are in a very small percentage of remedies) but this would be uncommon & mild. I have yet to meet anyone who has had a reaction but its important to mention all the same. I would advise people who have previously reacted to a synthetic fragrance (as these are highly irritating) to patch test …..as a precaution even though they are generally FAR less irritating than your average shampoo ingredients-scary but true! Make sure the fragrances in personal body products are derived from natural sources. If you have ever had a reaction to one of the oils I mentioned, I suggest you do a small patch test on your wrist first and never apply them undiluted to your skin as a rule as most pure oils are very concentrated.
Q: If I eat more healthy foods, will I experience more scalp relief?
A: Of course a healthy diet will definitely improve your overall health. Green salads and an “alkaline” diet are highly beneficial to Psoriasis and Eczema sufferers and it is important to know which foods can trigger inflammations so you can avoid them without having to impose on your lifestyle.
Q: I have not ordered online before, is it easy to download the ebook and how do I download it?
A: As soon as you process your order you will be redirected to a download page and emailed a confirmation with a link to the page. All you need to do is “Right Click” the file/link and then click “Save As” to your computer. If you have never done this before, I suggest you save it to your desktop. The other way to save it is to click on and open the file then save it via your “File” and “Save As” menu.
Q: Do you suggest any remedies or does your ebook contain things to help my hair grow back thicker?
A: Yes, the ebook has several very effective natural home remedies that you can use that are great for stimulating hair growth. You will also learn how many ingredients in shampoos also retard hair growth and can make your hair thinner because the follicles are stressed. All of this information is covered in depth in the ebook.
Q: Can you tell me which are the best anti dandruff shampoos to use and which are not so good?
A: You will find most anti -andruff shampoos contain ingredients like coal tar, salycylic acid or “azole” type ingredients. These work by either reducing the rate at which the skin sheds or by killing the fungus on your scalp. These treat the symptoms of dandruff but do not usually address the cause which is often to do with a PH imbalance or the body’s way of shedding the build up on the scalp of hair products or chemicals it is intolerant to. Many people don’t realise they have a sensitivity to some or many ingredients in shampoos which contributes to this and can create other problems too. I have found Zinc anti dandruff shampoos are good as a gentle alternative but it is best to understand the root cause and what alternatives there are to ingredients that can worsen the problem. Once you understand the cause & know what to buy (and more importantly what not to buy so you dont make it worse & do more damage) to eliminate the problem permanently you won’t need to buy anti dandruff shampoos ever again. Many of my clients have said that they didn’t need to buy anti dandruff shampoo and their condition went away within a week.
Q: I have itchy skin on other places on my body. Can you help me with that too?
A: Yes, many of the reasons for your itchy scalp are also related to skin itching too. I do cover this in the ebook and it will all make sense to you. Try changing your soap, use body washes that DO NOT contain SLS (sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulphates) for a start. Naturally Ngaroma sell wondrful soaps that are non toxic and help with itching.
Q: How long is your ebook?
A: It is 58 pages long. It is easy to read but very comprehensive as it contains causes of itchy dry scalp conditions, home and natural remedies to treat your scalp, ingredients and foods that are beneficial and ones to avoid, product recommendations, photos of scalp problems and more.
Q: Do you know of any specific treatments for children like shampoos for sensitive scalps?
A: Yes you can see the resources page or visit our recommended products page. Also Naturally Ngaroma make a neem oil “soap” which is very gentle for babies and sensitive skins and really helps itching in kids, adults as well as rashes.
Q: I have really bad psoriasis on my scalp, will your ebook tell me the causes of scalp psoriasis as well as what I can use on it to stop it itching? I am nervous to try this because I have tried so many other things that haven’t helped?
A: Yes it’s very frustrating when you have been disappointed so many times! To live with psoriasis on your scalp every day can be devastating to your self esteem and to your faith in traditional medicine or doctors to help you as many of my customers have told me. And they say that is was so frustrating not knowing what to do when there are so many so called “cures” out there. Many only deal with half the problem or try to treat the symptoms and don’t deal with the real cause – the big picture. If you fully understand the cause – you will have the knowledge and power to take action as many people have done to get rid of their scalp psoriasis for good. Yes the ebook WILL give you all the information you need to understand it – it will all make sense to you plus I have mentioned some good resources and many remedies and treatments that do not cost the earth that help to soothe and heal. You will understand whats been going on finally!

If FOR ANY REASON you are not satisfied with the information included in the ebook, or if you find it helps but doesn’t result in a total cure I will refund you 100% to put your mind at ease.

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